Casa de Aldea

CACasa de Aldea” (literally “Hamlet House”) is the name given to a privately-owned dwelling in Asturias, located in an area with a population of less than 500 or on land where urban housing construction is prohibited, and tourist activity has been authorised by the Principado de Asturias (regional government in Asturias). The architectural characteristics of the dwelling are shared by all similar traditional structures in the area.

The “three Trisquels” (Celtic symbol) is the classification denoting quality of the highest level that the Principado de Asturias bestows on a Casa de Aldea thus assuring that it meets the following criteria:

– At least 50 years old, using originality of design and subsequent additional construction following the traditional style. ElManso_vista-tejo-horreo_med

– Private garden for the guests’ use, with outdoor furniture in harmony aesthetically with the surroundings. A parking space within 100

– The living room is at least 16 m2, has a fireplace, television and bookshelves for the guests’ use.Cocina_CA_med

– The kitchen stove must be thermoglass/ceramic, the refrigerator has a freezer compartment, and there is a washing machine, iron, crockery, cutlery, glassware, kitchen appliances and pots and pans.


High quality furniture indigenous to the region, interior and exterior decorations inspired by local cultural values. Dorm2_CA

– The size of a double bedroom with bathroom is at least 14m2.

– The size of the beds is at least 0.90 and 1.35 m. wide and 1.90 m. long, and all linen is of excellent quality.Dorm1_CA_med

– All bedrooms have their own bathroom. dorm3

– Adequate access for handicapped persons and a bathroom adapted for their use.Bano_discapacit_med

– Not situated near a national highway, and at least 1 km. from a rubbish dump or source of pollution.