Within a radius of 15 km. from “El Manso”, one can enjoy day hikes (uphill) in the hills around Mount Cayón (between 45 min and 90 min round-trip), to Pico Viyao (2 – 2 1/2 hours round-trip) and downhill hikes to the Cave of Sidrón (2 km.), where flashlights are required.

There are also a couple of routes that combine a pleasant countryside drive and medium-difficulty hiking: to the Majada of Espineres from Alto de la Llama (AS-258), where one leaves the car (3-4 hours round-trip), and to Pico of Ordiyón from Miyares (AS-259), which affords a breathtaking view of the Piloña River valley.

For additional information on other routes in the county of Piloña, including the National Park of Redes, and routes in other counties of Asturias, please go to “Links“.